Flow Cytometer

ZE5 Cell Analyzer

12004277 ~ 12004279

The ZE5 Cell Analyzer is an innovative flow cytometer with flexible configurations to meet a broad range of experimental complexities and throughput needs – accessible for novice flow cytometry users yet flexible enough for the most experienced flow cytometry professionals.


The ZE5 Cell Analyzer is the only flow cytometer with the ideal combination of production throughput, smart sample-handling and superior speed and sensitivity to meet your research needs.

High-throughput Production

  • Detect up to 100,000 events per second without compromising data quality
  • Low sample carryover with built-in auto probe wash
  • Integrated 96/384/deep-well plate sample loader

Smart Sample-handling

  • Temperature control and vortexing to maintain cell viability and prevent clogging
  • Innovative sample pump that takes up samples with minimal dead volume and returns unused sample

Multi-parameter Analysis

  • Up to five lasers and 30 detectors including seven colors off UV for building larger panels, or panels with minimal compensation
  • Small particle detector in 3-5 laser configuration for studying exosomes and other small particles



  • API to connect to LIMS and scheduling software for integration to existing or new workcells

Large Capacity Fluidics Options

The external house deionized (DI) water connection is available for laboratories with access to pressurized house DI water. The external carboy DI water and waste connections include a fluidics cart and an 18.9 L carboy that allows around 22 hours of continuous run time. The ZE5 Cell Analyzer is enabled for hot swap and alerts of remaining run time of fluidics levels from the Everest software. The waste carboy includes protection from overflow.


Small Particle Detector Upgrade Kit (405 nm laser)

This upgrade kit enables small particle detection. A secondary forward scatter detector is available for three- and four-laser ZE5 Cell Analyzers with a 405 nm laser. Note: The small particle detector is included with the five-laser ZE5 Cell Analyzer.


Laser Upgrade Kits

The ZE5 Cell Analyzer laser upgrade kits expand experimental options with an increase from five to seven detectors for the 355 nm laser. They can be used in research applications using ultraviolet (UV) excitable dyes. Kits are available in two filter configurations. The UV laser addition for any ZE5 Cell Analyzer without a UV laser adds the 355 nm laser and bank with five detectors.


Everest Software Upgrade for Automation of ZE5 Cell Analyzer

The Everest application program interface and software development kit allow the ZE5 Cell Analyzer to interface with existing automation systems.


FCS Express Flow Cytometry Analysis Software

FCS Express Software is a fully integrated analysis, statistics, graphing and reporting tool for getting flow cytometry results. FCS Express utilizes a familiar interface for quick learning and integrated spreadsheets so your graphs and statistics update as your gates change. When you are ready to publish and present your data, FCS Express has you covered by supporting direct high-resolution exports to PowerPoint, PDF, and six image formats at up to 700 DPI resolution. Importantly, FCS Express is optimized to support and display data acquired from all Bio-Rad flow cytometry instruments. FCS Express may be configured with additional options available directly from DeNovo Software to help meet 21 CFR part 11 compliance.