Medium-Pressure Liquid Chromatography

NGC Chromgatography System


The 10 ml and 100 ml NGC Chromatography Systems offer multiple system configurations, optional upgrades, automated multidimensional (Multi-D) chromatography workflow setup, and a common software platform for lab-scale separations. Suitable for analytical and preparative chromatography and protein purification scale-up.

The modular design of the NGC System provides multiple configurations, each addressing different requirements. Use our configurator tool to build your own system to meet your specific workflow and throughput needs.


  • Providing consistency and robustness
  • Accelerating time to results

Optimal purification conditions can be determined in an automated systematic manner using the Scouting Wizard in ChromLab Softwre. The buffer blending valve automates optimal buffer formation over a range of pH and salt concentrations using prepopulated buffer recipes.

  • Streamlining data analysis

Data analysis has traditionally been viewd as a bottleneck, being both complicated and time-consuming. ChromLab Software streamlines data processing by providing one-click peak detection and integration, rapid creation of trace comparisons between multiple chromatograms, and customizable chromatogram layouts with a variety of viewing and data analysis options.

  • Ensuring confidence in performance

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