CO2 incubator

D180 CO2 Incubator


A well-designed air-jacketed co2 incubator with 175L capacity provides a suitable, and stable environment for cell/tissue culture. Meanwhile, an intelligent touch-screen shows 7-days performance trend graphing enables you to monitor the change of key parameters easily.

The Carbon Dioxide incubator is an indispensable device in the fields of cancer research, stem cell research, immunology research, pharmaceutical research, and neurobiology research. It is ideal for ordinary cell lines, stem cells, embryos, and primary cells, animal cell culture.

Growing and maintaining cells can be easy, stable by controlling temperature, CO2 concentration and maintaining a high relative humidity (RH). The built-in 140℃ dry-heat sterilization program helps to prevent bacterial contamination. All the data and 7-days performance trend graphing are visible on the 7-inch touch screen, and stored data can be downloaded through USB.


Stable IR CO2 sensor, Air-jacketed