Chromatography Columns

Aminex HPLC Columns

125-0094~99 / 125-0140~0143 

Aminex HPLC Column은 carbohydrates, organic acids and base 분석 등에 산업 표준으로 사용되는 제품입니다.

  • Aminex Carbohydrate Analysis Columns
  • Aminex Organic Acid and Alchol Analysis Columns


Aminex HPLC columns, which are packed with a polymer-based matrix, are the research and industry standard for the analysis of carbohydrates, alcohols, and organic acids in food and beverage, biochemical, biofuel, biomedical, and biotechnology applications.

These columns allow the use of simple isocratic methods and eluting with water, organically modified water, or dilute acid. Minimal sample preparation is required, filtration through a 0.45 um filter is usually sufficient, and no derivatization is necessary.

Three of our most popular columns and applications are highlighted here. A comprehensive list of research applications and column choices is provided in Table 1.


The Aminex HPX-87C column is the column of choice for most general sweetener analyses. This column is optimized for analyzing monosaccharides and also provides class separation of di-, tri-, and tetrasaccharides. It is used primarily for the quantitation of glucose and fructose in high fructose corn syrup, and for general monosaccharide analysis.

The Aminex HPX-87P column provides excellent resolution of sucrose, lactose, and fructose in dairy products. It is therefore useful for analyzing samples that contain different type of sweeteners.

The Aminex HPX-87H column is used for the analysis of carbohydrates found in solution with carboxylic acids, volatile fatty acids, short chain fatty acids, alcools, ketones, and many neutral metabolic by-products. Most often used for organic acids analysis, this hydrogen-form column is also useful for fermentation monitoring, biological fluid analysis, and acetylated amino sugar separations.

The Aminex HPX-87H column is especially useful for profiling monosaccharides and organic acids simultaneously.