real-time luminometer

WSL-1565 Kronos HT


  • The sample stage is in the incubation chamber in which temperature and CO₂ gas concentration are controlled and humidity is kept >90%RH.
  • 24·96 wells microplate applicable.
  • Long-time detection available *1hour~30days
  • 2 plates are measured by 2 PMTs (one PMT to one plate)
  • Plates are not moved, PMTs are moved to each well. > No shaking cells, so less damage to delicate cells and applicable to floating cells such as hematocytes.
  • PMTs are cooled to 10℃ > The dark noise is lower.
  • Built-in filters for Multi-color luciferase assay


  • High throughput live cell realtime reporter assay
  • Meauring with temperature and CO2 controlled incubation chamber
  • 24 well plate x 2 or 96 well plate x 2 (option)
  • Data display with real-time
  • Detector scan each well, so culture plates don’t move.
  • Lower noise by PMT cooling
  • Dual-color luciferase assay by optical filter auto-changing